Thanks for dropping by, in this video Ken and I give you the 411 for the website. We talk about our plan to Spring / Summer, how we will help you improve your hockey skills through hockey specific workouts, and our plan for the next three videos.

What’s Only Hockey Training all about?

As you may have guessed we are only sharing hockey training videos here. Ken and I are going through some intense hockey specific workouts to help improve our speed, strength, size, shot power and agility. Each week we will share our favourite hockey workout and sort it depending on what skill it will help you improve.

How can you get involved?

If you want to start working out, or you are already working out but you want to make your workouts more geared towards improving your skills on the ice, you can subscribe to our updates. Ken and I want to challenge you and motivate you to improve. You can join by commenting, following along with the workouts, suggesting your favourites and just participating in the discussion throughout the Spring and Summer.

What’s next?

  • We have three videos planned, the first video will be profiles for Ken and I. We will talk about the current shape we’re in, how we stack up on the ice, and what we want to achieve over the summer.
  • The next video will talk about the workouts we are doing and where we are getting them from
  • The third video will show our baseline results, and how we compare to other hockey players.

Thanks for watching and reading, see you in the next video!




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