For the first workout we are featuring we wanted to showcase one that gives you a great workout and this one delivers. This workout will improve your explosive power, your acceleration, and your speed as well as your upper body strength. This is an awesome workout to use if you want to improve your skating speed.

Squat Throw and Chase

  • Squat down with the medicine ball (we were using a 10lb ball)
  • Explode up and use a chest throw to throw the ball as possible
  • immediately chase the ball, work on quick feet
  • As soon as you get to the medicine ball squat down, pick it up and throw it again
  • Repeat the chase and throw about 8 times rapidly, then take a break
  • Your exact sets and reps will vary depending on your workout

We got this workout from the HockeyOT training program. If you are interested in a set workout routine click the link to learn more about the program.


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