This drill requires a medicine ball, if you’re interested in getting one we have a helpful Medicine ball page to help you pick the right one for you. We are using a medicine ball with bounce, you can also use a slam ball if you stand closer to the wall.

This is our first drill for shot power and it is one of my favourites. I really enjoy this drill because it helps you develop power in a unique way that you can not really get from other workouts. The medicine ball throw helps you develop core strength and rotational power which are vital in each shot in hockey. This med ball throw will also train your muscles to work in synchronization, allowing you to draw power from your legs, core, weight transfer and arms, something you need to do in hockey for a more powerful shot!

Why I love this drill

  • It trains your muscles to work together to produce explosive power
  • It helps develop rotational strength
  • It uses a lot of the muscles you will use on the ice while shooting, and in a similar fashion
  • You can get a lot of repetitions in quickly

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Shot Power

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