Four videos in this playlist, thanks to HockeyOT

Here is a great warmup from HockeyOT that you can do before your game. It’s simple and effective, and you do not need too much room to do it. If you’re looking for more hockey workouts I really like HockeyOT. I used their program for a summer and had noticeable results!

Most beer league and rec level players don’t want to skip around the rink warming up. They want to chat with their friends in the dressing room. You can do these stretches in the dressing room while chatting

These hockey stretches include

  1. Shoulder diagonals
  2. 3D reach sequence
  3. Sumo squat to hip raise to downward dog/cobra
  4. 3D stretch sequence

Once you are on the ice you can continue your stretching with these great on-ice hockey stretches



Hockey Stretches

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