This is an awesome pre game dynamic warmup that hockey players can use to warm up their entire body before a game. This was designed by the legendary player and trainer Gary Roberts. Roberts now trains future legends like Steven Stamkos! If you want to prepare like a pro, this is a good start. If you’re just looking for a few stretches before your men’s league hockey game then just grab a few of the warm-ups / stretches from this list.

  • Ankle Hops
  • A-March
  • A Skip
  • Butt Kicks
  • Arm Swings – Across Front
  • Arm swings – front to back
  • Arm swings – Across front while bending at hip
  • Reverse lunge to high knee –  8 Each side
  • Lateral Squat – 8 Each side
  • Overhead squat – 8 reps
  • Hip circles – 8 each side, each direction
  • Hip swings side – 8 each side
  • Hip swings in front – 8 each side
  • Inch worm to push up
  • High knees

The pre-game stretches are designed to be done in a small area, so you can do them at home without much space, or with an entire team in the dressing room.



Hockey Stretches

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