A medicine ball is a very versatile training aid and one of the most used tools when working on improving shot speed, core strength, and rotational power. A strong core is very important for hockey players as it is used for winning battles, shooting, skating, balance and more. Watch the video above to see the medicine balls we are currently using and where you can get some.

Where to buy a medicine ball for hockey training

If you are in the States you can get good deals and free shipping on Amazon. I found some good deals when searching for Medicine balls and Slam balls. You get free shipping on anything over $25 and the prices are way cheaper than in stores. (read the reviews to make sure the product is good quality)

I live in Canada, and shipping is usually ridiculous. I was amazed though because I found a place that shipped them for free! I got both slam balls from Fitness Equipment Canada who offered free shipping Canada wide! I was very surprised considering the weight and the fact that I live in Canada! I also ordered my 15 lb medicine ball from this page on Amazon.ca and got free shipping as well :)

What to consider before purchasing a medicine ball

  • Bounce or no bounce?slam-ball
    • A medicine ball that bounces is good to throw off a wall with power, catch on the bounce, and repeat. The bounce back will also train hand-eye and reaction speed. It can also be used for throw and chase exercises. I find the balls that bounce are better for more repetitions
    • A medicine ball that does not bounce (also known as a slam ball) can still be used for wall exercises, however you need to stand right next to the wall to catch it and it seems you tend to throw a bit harder when you don’t have to catch the ball. A ball with no bounce is better for slamming onto the ground with force (you risk losing your teeth if you use a bouncing medicine ball) and exercises like squatting, throwing the ball high up the wall and then catching it. They are also nicer to catch.
  • Weight
    • Weight is important to consider and depends a lot on what you plan to do with the ball. I think most people should have 2 or three different weighted medicine balls. For most high intensity medicine ball workouts (like throwing) I usually use a 10lb med ball. I also have a 15 and 20 pound ball for other drills.
  • Try before you buy
    • Most gyms have medicine balls, so check out a few of our medicine ball workouts for hockey players, then head to the gym and see what weight feels right for you. Once you are comfortable you can buy 1 or 2 (a weight you are comfortable with and one that is heavier for more of a challenge) and continue doing the workouts at home

Medicine Ball Workouts for Hockey

I won’t get into the workouts here, however there are A LOT of them that you can do. We will be posting new workouts to this site throughout the spring and summer so make sure you sign up to get updates from us.


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