Ken and I have both been following the HockeyOT program and so far have seen great results.

Ken has gained some weight which is one of his goals, he is following his workout but also increasing the amount of food he is eating each day.

Jeremy – Has also put on 10 pounds, but I was eating like a mad mad. I’ve gone from 175 to 185 and hope to peak around 190 and then really focus on building speed and power. The first month I chose shot power as my goal and speed as my secondary goal. I tested my shot on the radar gun and finally broke 80MPH, the last time I tested I was barely hitting 75.

Both Ken and I feel better now, a typical conversation between us starts something like this

Ken – “Hey Jeremy, I got a mosquito bite on the back of my leg, and I think I found a new muscle back there”

Personally I look forward to the workouts, I love the track and the gym workouts, I like waking up earlier so I can get more done in the day, it makes me feel more productive and I feel good after.




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