Breakdown of Jordan Eberle’s Workout

Here is a quick breakdown of Eberle’s workout. You don’t need to follow his workout exactly but the structure of his workout is good to follow.

  • Dynamic Warm-up
    • Dynamic warm ups are very important to do before a workout, or game. If you have space you can follow a warm-up with a number of good track style exercises (shuffles, skips, high knees, etc). If you don’t have much room I recommend this pre-game warmup from Gary Roberts.
  • Activate appropriate Muscles
    • After a good full body workout you should activate the muscles that you will be working. This can be done with some low-weight lifting, or by stretches and exercises that focus on the specific muscles
  • Roll Out sore musclesfoam roller hockey players
    • If your muscles are still a little sore from a previous workout or game I highly recommend rolling out your muscles before your workout. You can get a simple foam roller or a more advanced trigger point roller which will provide a bit more resistance and last longer. I use the trigger point to relieve soreness in muscles and also use it post-workout to decrease the chances of muscle soreness the next day.
  • Triangle Drill (1:38)
    • This is a good workout to do after warm-up as it is not too demanding on the muscles. Place three cones in a triangle shape and start in the ready stance in the middle. A coach or friend will call out one of the cones and you have to make it there as quickly as possible and then return to center.
  • RDL (Romanian Deadlifts) (2:20)
    • This is a great workout for the legs, back, shoulders and stability. If you’re doing deadlifts make sure you understand the proper form.
  • Rope Pull-up (2:59)rope pull up hockey
    • I’ve never actually heard of the rope pull-up before, but after seeing this video I know I will be using it in my workout. I recently bought a set of battle ropes from Onnit and will be able to use that rope for this exercise. This workout is great for upper body strength and grip strength.
  • Weighted Inverted Row (3:14)
    • This is a great “pull” exercise that is easier to do than a pull-up and will work the muscles a little differently. All you need is a good anchor that you can get underneath. If you’re at the gym you can suspend an Olympic bar a few feet off the ground and use that. To make it more difficult add some weight, like Jordan Eberle does here
  • Kaieser Kneeling pull (4:09)
    • Eberle is doing these on a special machine. This workout will work your shoulders and arms and train for a powerful pull, which is required in hockey, especially in shooting.
    • If you don’t have this special machine you could probably rig something up with some resistance bands
  • Valslide single leg Hamstring Curl (4:50)
    • This is a surprisingly challenging exercise. I was first introduced to it when I had a chance to workout with Steven Stamkos with Gary Roberts as the trainer. This is a good “pull” exercise to do at home
    • Gary Roberts also used the Valslide but I’ve found a smooth surface and fluffy socks will also work if you’re in a pinch. If you have carpets, or want the least resistance possible you will need the Valslide.
  • Dumbell Alternating Row (5:12)
    • This is a good pull exercise for the arms. It’s very easy to do if you have a set of dumbells.
  • Glute Ham Raise (5:23)
    • For this exercise you will need the right equipment. This is the one where you lock your legs in place, bend at the hip, and then raise up and repeat. This can be done with or without weights
  • Weighted Reverse Lunge with Valslide (6:35)skating-stride-workout-home
    • In this workout Eberle is using the Valslide sliders again. With one foot on the Valslide, and weights in hand Eberle slides his one foot back and into the lunge position and then returns to a neutral position. This looks like a nice variation to your typical lunge.
  • Weighted Reverse Lunge with Valslide 45 degree angle (7:05)
    • This is a great exercise for your stride as you can move your body in almost the same motion as you do when you are skating. Eberle has two dumbells up on his shoulder, and one foot on the Valslide. He slides his foot back at a 45 degree angle and gets nice and low, then returns to the neutral position. This is a good pull exercise that can be done at home if you have the right equipment.
  • Dead Bug Roll (7:41)
    • I’ve never heard of this exercise before, but it looks like it was Eberle’s first time doing it and he was struggling. This is a really easy exercise to work into your home routine.
  • Physio Dead Bug (10:47)
    • This is a good core exercise that is easy to do at home. All you need is Physio ball (which you should already have if you’re working out at home). Simply lie on your back, hold the physioball between your head and knee, then reach out with opposite arm and leg, bring the arm and leg back in and repeat on the other side.
  • Single Leg Physioball plank (11:07)
    • This exercise is similar to a plank, although it will target the legs and back muscles much more than your regular plank, which mostly targets the core.
  • Single Leg Physioball Jack knife (13:58)
    • In this workout Jordan Eberle is holding the same position as the plank, however now he pulls the physio ball in towards his body. This is another good pull workout for the legs that can be done at home
  • Sled Push (14:30)
    • This is one workout that you can’t do at home unless you buy or build your own sled, but it’s great for hockey players.

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