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Ken and I looked long and hard for a good hockey training program to use during the off-season and we decided on HockeyOT. At first look HockeyOT seems like a very “serious” training program, but it is surprisingly flexible depending on your training needs and lifestyle. Given the price I would only recommend it for people who have time to workout once a week or more.

How HockeyOT Works (quick summary)hockey-sprint-training

  • Sign up with the link above (use our coupon code: howto11 to save $5)
  • Complete a baseline test (so they can generate your custom workout plan)
  • Enter in what equipment you have access to
  • Enter in the results of your baseline test
  • Choose what hockey related goals you want to improve (speed, shot power, etc)
  • Pick how many track and weight room workouts you want to do per week
  • Your workouts will be generated and you are given a great variety of hockey related workouts to do
  • A video of each workout is available on the website. I watch them on my phone at the gym so I get the workouts right
  • A PDF is provided with your workouts neatly organized for each week
  • Now every week you have new workouts to do at the track, and in the weight room and you are doing exercises that will help you on the ice

How to Get Started with HockeyOT

A more detailed explanation of the program

After signing up (use coupon code:  to save $5) you will be asked to input some basic information and then you will be given a baseline test to complete at the gym. The test is a lot of fun to do with a friend as you can compete and motivate each other.

After you complete the baseline test you can enter your information into the HockeyOT program. They use this information to produce a 1 – 4 week training program for you. It’s amazing how well put together the workout is based on the information you put in. Ken and I both have different workouts and different weight loads that were calculated depending on our athletic ability according to the baseline test.

Before you generate your routines you can choose what hockey skill you want to improve. You can choose from faster 3 steps, faster top speed, agility, upper body strength, shot strength, and more. When generating your workout routines you can choose

  • What equipment is available to you
  • How many weightroom workouts you want to do per week
  • How many track / field workouts you want to do per week
  • What abilities you want to improve
  • How many weeks you want to work out for

After your entire workout routine is complete (all 4 weeks) you will be re-evaluated and new goals and routines can be generated. You can choose new goals (what you want to improve) if you would like. By doing a new evaluation each month you are constantly pushed to continue to improve, and your workout routines will always be a challenge

Benefits of HockeyOThockeyot-logo

  • All of the workouts are from Dr. Chad Moreau, former NHL Strength and Conditioning coach
  • These workouts are used by many pro hockey players
  • There is a great variety of workouts from weight room to track and each workout comes with a video explaining it
  • You will look great, and notice a big improvement on the ice
  • If you sign up with a friend it’s a lot of fun competing and working out each week
  • The program is flexible and fairly low commitment. If you want more workouts, ask for more and they will be generated
  • You can choose what you want to improve
  • Each workout is complete with warm-up, workout, super-set, a few more workouts, and then a cool-down.
  • I feel like I have a personal NHL conditioning coach at the gym with me, and when I think about it, I almost do
  • If you are committed you can sign up for an entire year at a great discount
  • The other option is to pay month by month, it’s a bit more per month, but you can cancel any time (use our coupon code here to save each month)

If you want to learn more about hockeyOT or sign up visit the HockeyOT website here. If you are signing up you can save $5 with this coupon code: howto11


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  • This is an absolutely awesome program. HockeyOT is run by a top-notch trainer and is definitely worth a look.