As a coach, and student of the game I am always reading hockey books to gain new tips, workouts, and information. Below is a list of hockey books I recommend for training, and also better understanding the game of hockey.

Complete Conditioning for Hockey

conditioning-for-hockeyI read the first version of this book back in high school and it really opened my eyes to the world of hockey training. I learned a lot about workouts, the importance of working out specifically for hockey, and nutrition.

The new and updated book also comes with a dvd and has new workouts based on new research and knowledge gained from continued training. The author Peter Twist trains hockey players for a living and has a lot of great information to share inside the book. If you are going to buy the book I recommend actually reading it, and not just flipping through and using the workouts. There is a lot of good knowledge inside.

Buy this book from for $22.95 or for $16.95

I will be adding more of my favourite books soon


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