This is a great workout to improve your leg power and speed. This workout is called frog leap bounds and works the explosive power of the legs. This is an easy plyo drill that does not require any equipment.

For this workout I did 4 sets of 20 meters, Ken did 5 sets at 20 meters. Of course we warmed up and did a dynamic stretch before, you would not want to do this workout with cold muscles.

frop-leaps-hockeyWorkout Details

  • Start in a frog position (similar to the sumo squat)
  • Jump as high in the air as possible, and as far as possible
  • While in the air stretch out your arms and legs like a flying squirrel
  • Land and go straight back into the frog position, and repeat
  • Your sets, distance, and time between sets will vary depending on your needs

We got this workout from the HockeyOT program. If you are looking some good hockey workouts you can subscribe to our blog, if you are looking for a full training program to follow (like Ken and I are doing) that is custom made for your needs we recommend HockeyOt




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