Jeremy is a forward who is pretty quick and has a good shot. His backchecking could use a little work, which is mostly laziness but partly due to endurance. Next season Jeremy wants to get more scoring chances and have a shot that makes people go “Wowwwww”, so for the summer he is working on upper body strength, shot power and speed. Ken will also remind him to backcheck so maybe he will do it once or twice next season.

Jeremy’s Stats

  • 27 years old
  • Forward
  • 175 pounds

Jeremy wants to improve

  • Explosive speed
  • Shot power
  • Upper body strength

Jeremy’s workout routine

Jeremy is doing one track workout and one weight room workout per week. If he has extra time he will be doing an extra weight room or working out at home.

Jeremy’s Equipment

Jeremy has 3 medicine balls 10lb 15lb and 20lb and will use those to workout at home, he also has a weighted vest, and roller blades which could e fun or dangerous, we will see….




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