When hockey players tell me they want to increase their endurance they often follow with “I’m going to start jogging”. It’s basically the first thing that comes to everyone when they think of endurance or cardio, however there are much better endurance drills that you can do for hockey.

Think about this. When you play hockey what is your longest shift? Between 1-2 minutes. We don’t skate for 45 minutes straight, so running for 45 minutes straight won’t really get you in top shape for hockey. Think of exercises that train the based on the demands hockey places on the body. Train how you play.

In the video above we share 7 off ice endurance drills for hockey players. They include

  1. 40 Metre Shuffle
  2. Tennis Ball Suicides
  3. Get Up tag
  4. Cone Scramble
  5. Rabbit Runs (great for accelerating and decelerating which happens a lot in hockey)
  6. Mirror Drill
  7. 20 Metre Agility Box

I really like the 20 metre box for agility, as it works on footwork that is used on the ice.




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